The McCall Story

The McCalls. This is our story.

As embarrassing as we think it is, we met each other off of the Match dating site. It may not have been the most ideal way to meet but it is the way that we did meet. Why were we on Match? Well, We both worked in places with no potential work related relationships (He works with all men, I worked with all women). We both attended churches with a majority of elderly people. and we just hadn’t met people we considered worth dating.

Will had his account for about 6 months and the day he went on to delete his account, he saw my profile (on my first day of having an account) and messaged me, thinking I would not respond but better safe than sorry. I received his message on my lunch break and replied almost instantaneously. We talked and talked for days about our lives, our churches, and our values. This lead Will to ask me out on our first date. I accepted and was pretty excited about meeting this like minded man!

Our first date was at The Cheesecake Factory and boy, were we both nervous! I had changed my outfit at least four times and sprayed an insane amount of hairspray over my hair. I got to the restaurant first and went to get a table buzzer (what are those things actually called?). I passed by Will in the waiting line and had no idea it was him, but he knew who I was. From Will’s photos, I thought he would be a short, stocky man. I had not expected the 6”3’ broad shouldered, bearded man to be my date but I was more than happy to see how very handsome he turned out to be. I didn’t believe in love at first sight, until I met Will.

The date went wonderfully and we both didn’t want to see it end. When it did end, I drove home with a flock of butterflies in my stomach. I remember praying on the way home that, “ Lord, if this is my man, I am READY!”. We continued dating for three months and then decided to get married! We felt God calling us to pursue marriage and that call was confirmed in the affirmation of our families and friends. It was a joyful season to say the least!

Our wedding was on August the third of twenty eighteen in a beautiful rose garden with only our closest friends and family there. It was a short and sweet elopement ceremony and we loved every second of it! 

We currently live together in our cute little home with our pittbull pup, Huck and our tabby cat, Dixie. It is a wonderful life, folks! I am glad to be a part of it.

Married at Twenty Two ?

“You’re MARRIED at TWENTY TWO year old?!” is the question I hear from the long time no see people from my hometown and elderly people at my church. Yes, I am twenty two and happily married to my best friend, Will. It was the very best decision I could have ever made and I am not apologizing for not sticking to the social norm of waiting to get married until I am 30. (There is nothing wrong with waiting either, it just wasn’t for us). 

We also get questions like, “Did you get married just so you could have sex?”. The answer to that is absolutely not, though we are believers in Christ and believe that sex is reserved for the marriage covenant, we didn’t bind ourselves together for life based off of lust. My very favorite question has been, “Oh, you got married because Anna is PREGNANT!” (Duh-Duh- Duhhhh). That accusation is completely FALSE, ya’ll. I love babies, but we aren’t there yet. We decided on marriage because:

  1. We prayed and prayed and we both felt the Lord drawing us together.
  2. We love the heck out of each other. (Seriously, we are conjoined at the hip and we love it!)
  3. We were both ready to make this lifelong commitment.

I am in no way saying that getting married young is for everyone. It just so happened that Will and I “just knew” what was right for us. We considered everything about this life together and are ready to take on whatever God calls us to do as a family. Right now our life is full of serving, communicating, surprises, school, work, my many attempts at cooking real food, and lots of cuddles and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

First Post

           This month has been FULL of transitions for me, ya’ll! I have gotten married, moved across the state, and started college classes! Talk about one busy season of life! Even though this has been a little chaotic and crazy and maybe even a little stressful, I have loved it all. I could not have dreamed up a better man to spend the rest of my life with than Will. I love our little home we have made together and I could not have picked a better school to attend. 

So I’ve got so much going on and running through my mind that I cannot decide what to share and write about! If you have any suggestions, PLEASE help a sister out! My ideas thus far are: Wife Life (What’s it like being in a god centered marriage as a 22 year old?), Going Back To College Experiences, Home and Health (What We Do To Keep A Healthy Home), Cooking, and what it is to have caught BABY FEVER. Good gracious! I need some help narrowing it down, ya’ll! Let me know what you think!

However, in all seriousness the Lord has blessed me abundantly and I mean that in the most sincere of ways. I have been put through the ringer in my past and have made it out on the other side stronger and closer to God than I had ever though possible. God saw me through the trials and hurt, through the tears and emotional pains that were unlike any other. He gave me the courage and strength that I so desperately needed to make it through those tough days.

Here I am with more than I had expected. I never dreamed that life would take such a wonderful turn! Glory be to God for all that He has done! 

       Are you going through a personal trauma that I could pray through with you? Maybe you’re just going through a rough patch, a tough season, or what seems to be a hurricane of hurt. If you are comfortable, please allow me to pray for you. I know what the power of prayer to our mighty God can do. I have seen it with my own eyes and have felt it in my heart. I would love to share with you and get to know you and just pray peace and strength over you. 

Blessings. Love. Sincerity.